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The North Wales Actors Collective is a group of professional actors based across North Wales and Chester. The aim of the collective is to provide a community for actors based in rural settings where acting resources are not as readily available as they may be in cities. Every actor in the group has a platform to have their voice heard so they can share and discuss their needs and requirements. These could be anything from getting a new agent to how they can get new scenes for their showreel.  The collective is an inclusive space that offers support, opportunities and vitally another level of promotion for members and their careers.

We are a not for profit group, so we rely on each member to give as much to the collective as they receive. As a result, we only take on members who we believe can add something to the group.

Members are career focused, know what they are looking for from the industry and are willing to contribute time and energy to the group for the collective good.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site and finding out more about the NWAC.



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"The collective has been invaluable in

re-entering the industry in a different part of the country. Not only has it brought to my attention industry resources that are available here, it has focused my mind on getting to know the industry and business end of acting in a way that I have never done before. It's great to be a part of a 'hive mind' of actors".

Eleanor Appleton


"This year I am thrilled to be joining The North Wales Collective. It is a fantastic group of talented, hard working and supportive actors, writers and creatives”.

Gary Hogan

Collective Member